Analytical Parts Supply Refurbish and Exchange Program

Maintaining laboratory equipment can be an expensive endeavor. Let APS save you money without sacrificing the performance of your equipment.

The process is simple:

Contact APS to order electronic or mechanical components for your Agilent GC and LC and Waters LC systems.

APS ships all in-stock orders within 24 hours.*

When you are satisfied with your refurbished parts, mail your non-functioning components back to APS (within 4 weeks) at no cost.

Receive a credit toward your payment, further lowering the already reduced price of your quality refurbished parts. 

Through this innovative program, APS clients save on average 50% to 75% over the cost of new.  

Each rebuilt parts undergoes an extensive 72-hour wet test in an instrument to confirm its reliability and performance.  

All APS parts carry a 6-month limited warranty, twice as long as the average warranty on a new part from a manufacturer.  

Free ground shipping is included in the price of your product.  All other methods will incur additional charges.

For customers who prefer to repair rather than replace, please allow APS 4-6 weeks to restore your electronic or mechanical parts back to their original performance.

*Back ordered parts may take 3 to 4 days to ship.